The basic construction of woven fabrics can be traced back thousands of years with the simple principle of weaving warp (vertical) threads and weft (horizontal) thread. Woven fabrics are constructed on a machine called a loom, where warp threads are separated by pushing half backward and half forward, and the weft yarn, attached to a shuttle, is threaded through the gap formed by separation. From the earliest hand looms where foot pedals opened and closed the warp threads with the shuttle pushed side to side by hand, we now have looms with the actions of the warp and weft threads moving faster than the eye can see. The range of fabrics made on looms is huge, finding their way into clothing, furnishings, medical, automotive and much more, making woven products a part of all our lives. Cotton lawn, poplin, wool coating and mix fibre yarn dyed jacquards are some of the wovens which are amongst our best sellers due to the quality, value and design innovation.